DivKid (capital D, capital K) is a project by Ben Wilson based in the UK. The project was born out of creating electronic music after a background in acoustic performance and recording alongside teaching music and sound technologies. 

Since it’s inception the DivKid project has developed through a wide range of sound design projects with best selling sample packs and synth patches, globally commissioned compositions and music production work for TV and film as well as creating tutorials and video demonstrations.

Creating a YouTube channel in 2014 allowed me to both document my own journey through music and technology but also to work with companies and individuals to teach synthesis and sound design techniques through the creation of in depth product demos, demonstrating equipment in a raw technical form looking at features while exploring musical examples.

 The technical and educational sides of the video demonstrations alongside my background and continuing practice of music creation has led to beta testing and product development as well as consultation with a wide range of both hardware and software music companies – often on the cutting edge of instrument design and music technology.

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